Sometimes We Need A Little Magic

Motherhood is the most incredible experience imaginable. Theres no way to describe how much joy a little soul brings into your life and the endless love that you feel from the first second you meet your baby. I really do love everything about being a mom, but after having given birth, I sometimes dont love those little guys (which I referred to as my decollete before) as much, as I did before. And not just that, my whole body changed, I was aching a lot and being a working single mom caused me a lot of stress, so I lost a lot of weight and my hair started falling out. At the end of the pregnancy, I didnt fit into my pre-natal bras anymore, after a year of breastfeeding, I didnt fit into any bras pre- or post-natal, so I just bought what I thought might fit, which proved not to be the case later on. The straps kept falling off my shoulders and the cup always seemed to be too big and too small at the same time (if that makes any sense). I kind of accepted that my body had changed and therefore didnt pay that much attention to what I was wearing underneath. Unfortunately it seems that I am not the only one according to a poll by Triumph Lingerie almost 70% of all women feel that their body has changed after giving birth.

So last year I decided to have my boobs professionally measured in a Triumph Lingerie shop and I was shocked when I found out that I had bought the wrong bra size for years (and so do 60% of my fellow mom-colleagues in Germany)! And obviously there is a different bra type for every boob type, they push, they lift, they shape. I learned that because of choosing the wrong size bra size (too wide), the cups would stick out and buying the wrong cup size (too small) caused me feeling uncomfortable. Such a small change, but such a big result! And I always thought that shape-wear would be uncomfortable to wear. But its quite the opposite, now that I have found The One it makes me feel sexy, comfortable and confident. Its just like that, sometimes we need a little magic boost.

Have you given birth yourself? What changed for you? Share your story with me in the comments below.


xx Kristin

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