New Design Collab: The Topblogger Scarf

I am so excited to tell you about my most recent design-collaboration, that I have been working on when I was in LA: The Topblogger Scarf in collaboration with POM Amsterdam! Its entirely printed with my illustrations and hand-writings, which are related to all the things that make girls happy: city trips, shopping with the girlfriends, love-letters, globetrotting, fashion, design and of course shoes!  I received my first sample this weekend and have been wearing it ever since. Little Fiat Spider and I took it for a  spin outside town and to the Isar beach: we both agree that it is the perfect summer accessory, that can not only be worn as a scarf, but also as bandana, beach dress, wrap top, belt and headband. Any other ideas?

By the way, its going to be in the shops at the beginning of next year, Ill keep you posted!






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