Morning Mood(y)

Are you a morning person? I am not. I never have been. And I think it is genetic, I remember my grandma, a person who has worked her entire life, until the age of 80, she was always busy, never not working. But in the mornings she was as useless as I am. I grew up in the same house with my grandparents and every weekend I did sleepovers at their place; they spoilt me with their love, we never had tele as kids, there was always something to do, I went on long walks with my granddad and he read piles of books to me. And my grandma inherited the love for fashion gene to me, she was the most elegant, chic person, she owned a great selection of shoes, hats, coats and handbags, which my sister and I loved to style.

There was only one rule in the mornings: my grandma wanted to sleep in. I used to sneak out of bed, look at books, or listen to music and enjoy the little treats she used to hide for me. Our breakfast consisted of making fun of my granddad and cuddle my nan. She was always wearing a very chic, silk nightdress and a gorgeously soft gown, she smelled of coffee and perfume.

Thanks to Triumph lingerie I can revive these precious moments. The rising sun, a cup of coffee and a silk nightdress, so beautiful, I could actually be an evening gown. And it kind of is, during my stay in Mallorca, I sometimes didn’t take it off until the evening and it made me feel as elegant and beautiful as my beloved nan.

I’m wearing: Triumph Lingerie nightie (so beautiful, it could be a going out dress).


I’m wearing: Triumph Lingerie Amourette Undie Set.



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