Messy Hair Tutorial

Planning every last glorious detail of my next vacation is the fastest way to forget about these freezing temps. So whilst its snowing outside, Im dreaming about Niece, airy boho dresses and messy beach hair. Now I was blessed with a head full of locks which tend to go this, that and every way possible (can you sense the sarcasm). But rather than trying to fight the natural inclinations of my mane, Im going with the flow of the texture I was born with and use it to make my boho daydreams come true.Photo 01-03-16 09 31 46

Here are a few techniques to create the “surfer hair” style without actually being near a beach (or beach weather conditions):

  • Hair plopping: Celeb hairdresser and winner of the Hollywood Beauty Awards 2016 Wendy Iles showed me this easy technique. Simply wash your hair, wrap it in a t-shirt, and twist it into two even rolls, in order to create perfectly tussled curls. Despite the unfortunate moniker, this approach works wonders. Let your hair dry naturally and you’ll be surprised at your new effortless curls! It also provides a frizz free “do”. If your hair needs some extra encouragement to reach its absolute curl potential, you can use a curl-activating product prior to the “plop”.

Photo 01-03-16 09 35 56

  • Bed head: I mastered this technique over the past years. If you have natural curls, wash your hair in the evening when you get home and let it dry naturally. Apply some sea salt spray on to the middle section and scrunch to create texture and volume, before you go to bed. In the morning, shake out your hair, using your fingers. If needed, pull the front sections around your face over a curl brush, using a blow dryer to ease the frizz. Take only a few strands and wrap them around a curling iron. This will give your mane a more tamed look. Don’t use a hair brush on your hair, or you will loose the beach texture!Photo 01-03-16 09 31 24
  • Braided curls: If your hair is straight, do one or two long braids, roll them up and attach on top of your head. It’s important that the braid starts up near the roots, so throw your head upside down and gather all the hair together, as if doing a pony tail on top of your head. Braid and secure the end with a small band, then twist it around on its base, in a clockwise direction and secure a high bun on top of your head. You can do this on damp hair and let it dry naturally over night. The next morning, shake your hair out and use your fingers or a large tooth comb.  Finish off with a shake and go !Photo 01-03-16 09 34 29

Whatever technique you go with, the best tip I can give you is t wear your hair with confidence. Nothing is more attractive than this!





Hair products used:

Iles Formula 3 Step System (shampoo, conditioner, serum)

Unique Sea Salt Spray

Gold Ear Cuff and Mini Hoops: my eliza

Triangle Ear Stud: Sophie By Sophie

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