Happy Girls Are The Prettiest

Do you remember me going to Munichs Premium fashion fair this summer? I was strolling around in my Luisa Dress (read about my design collaboration with JaJolie) and came across this pretty stand with even prettier girls selling their shawls. I am talking about POM Amsterdam, a young stylish label, founded in 2011 by the lovely Dutch sisters Liesbeth and Violet. All of their fabrics and shawls are designed by themselves at their office in Amsterdam, unique and superb quality pieces, which make girls happy. We instantly liked each others creations and most importantly, we liked each other. We started chatting about our designs, inspirations and ideas for a collaboration.


The POM girls Liesbeth and Violet

POMs credo is happy girls are the prettiest and so we decided to do a little Christmas giveaway to share some happiness with you and your best girlfriends.

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Our giveaway ends tomorrow, the 10th of December, so hurry up and enter here!

By tagging two friends you can win three POM shawls one for you and two for your besties. Because shared happiness is triple happiness, right?

Here are my top happy-things these days, the POM sisters and I would like to know what makes you girls happy. Travel, fashion, unforgettable moments with your girlfriends? Share your happiness with us in the comments below. We wish you a very happy Christmas time!




Even if its just a short weekend getaway, or a trip to the local spa with my girlfriends, a change of scene always creates happiness.



Is there anything better than spending an entire weekend in bed?! Read the newspaper with a cup of coffee, cuddle my girl, have late breakfast, nap some more, watch tele, read books, listen to music, watch the snow fall outside my window, write blog posts happiness in a nutshell.



Nothing makes me feel like a little child again, than visiting one of the many Christmas markets in Munich. I especially like the one by Chinesischer Turm, its only a walk away from my house and its so pretty and romantic.



Sometimes the best thing you can do, is spend some time alone. Just me, myself, a book and some peace and quiet.


5. SNOW!


Everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas. Snow is just magical, it glitters and makes everything so calm and peaceful.




Choosing a tree, bringing it home and then spending the rest of the day decorating it, is one of the most exciting things especially for a 5 year-old! Bless her, she was so happy!




I found this little illustration in my filofax. She said the big heart is you mommy and I am the small heart, inside of you. No money can buy a present like that!




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