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So heres my little years review*. My favourite memories, people, cities, places and fashion moments. Thanks a twothousandandfifteenmillion for letting me share my journey with you and thank you for your love and your support! Have a great start to the New Year and see you in 2016.

Love, Kristin


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Munich, Bavaria, the alps. Being home is so good!

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Dancing with my most favourite person in the world at the Oktoberfest.

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Testing Wiesn lingerie with Triumph. More on my Oktoberfest Guide.

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Testing bikinis on one of the many Bavarian lakes.

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Summer 2015, youve been most amazing!

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My first fashion collaboration with LaJolie Couture.

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Spent best part of the year by the ocean, lakes, rivers, swimming pools and hot tubs.


Three months with the Germanys next Topmodel production team and these girls one of the best experiences ever!

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Traveling Cali will always stay in my heart (view over Catalina Island bay).

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My home in LA Venice Beach.

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Our backyard for a few months Venice Canals. Emmi and I enjoyed our evening walks there so much.


How I became The Topblogger. I was asked to set up a fashion and lifestyle blog for the 10th anniversary of Germanys next Topmodel by Heidi Klum.


Backstage with my Top Three! No make-up, no filters. 😉

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Meeting Wolfgang Joop and attending Paris Fashion Week were most definitely the most special moments in 2015!

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Magic moment on Pont Alexandre.

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My most favourite person not only in 2015!

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LA my most favourite destination this year! Cant wait to be back soon.


Backstage at Germanys next Topmodel.

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The most memorable Thanksgiving on Santa Monica Pier. The start to a new life.

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Seeing the most amazing places all over the world was the most exciting bit about my blog project The Top Blog.

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I loved celebrating Emilys Birthday on Venice Beach and by the pool in the middle of winter.

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My little big girl dancing on Venice Beach on her Birthday.

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In Miami with the crew.



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