A Midsummer Nights Dream

I am back home from my holiday in Sweden and still overwhelmed! Since Ive been promising you a little travel guide for a while now, Ive wrapped up the most important things you shouldn’t miss when going on a Swedish vacai. You can also shop my outfits at the end of the post.

Happy weekstart!



When in Sweden, go and spend your days by the water! Breathe the fresh air, soak up the sun, drink in the tranquility of this beautiful country. Emily and I experienced both lake (at Lerum) and sea (at Uddevalla) and it will always stay in my heart. Especially the walks home through the forest, when Emily held my hand and told me how happy and how much in love with her mamma she is.


The day the sun never sets in Sweden calls for the most typical tradition of all: Midsommar. Like everyone else, we left town the day before Midsummer Eve, to go into the country side, to gather with the family and celebrate. I made my first Midsommarkransen from the flowers, that we had picked in the forest, we danced around the May pole with the people from the village and had pickled herring with boiled new potatoes for dinner and strawberry cake for desert. An old Swedish tradition says, that if you put seven different types of flowers under your pillow on Midsummer Night, youll dream about your future husband. Unfortunately I forgot to put mine under the pillow and Emily had an allergic reaction so nothing exciting to report on that end. 😉



Last but not least: make sure to visit as many designer stores as possible when in Sweden, nobody knows design better than the Scandinavians! I went to see the Nääs Fabriker, a historic mill, turned into designer stores and a hotel, seriously I almost went mental! Youll see some of my interior finds soon on my Instagram feed.


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